Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Night Poker: 2 of Me

In the last couple of weeks, I've been 2 players.

One of me has been patient, calculated, and in a zone.  The other just plays stupid!  Tomorrow, I plan on leaving stupid at home.  The stupid player has been distracted and unable to recognize the habits of my opponents.  The stupid me makes bets with reckless abandon and without regard to what I know my opponents will do as a result.

So, I plan on taking the patient, calculated version of me to Friday Night Poker.  That person understands the other players at the table.  I'm going to understand that one guy will make huge bets with absolutely nothing and another guy's going to bet his top pair every time.  A couple of guys are going to "know" I have them beat, but call me anyways.  One guy is going to play complete wild-ass poker.  Nobody will be able to predict him and another guy is going to bet huge on huge hands and then warn you not to call.  Another guy will play it fairly straight, but throw in a bluff here and there, but if you call and raise, he might just fold.  And finally, one really good player is going to make you make decisions for lots of your chips.  Build him up and then God help you because nobody else will be able to.

But me?  I'm just going to recognize my opponents and play accordingly.  I might play aggressive at times and tight at others.  I might have a hand, but then again, maybe not.  Maybe those are pocket Jacks, but you never really know - maybe it's Aces or maybe it's just KQ off.  There's a couple of guys that I won't be losing to tomorrow and there's a couple of guys that will give me a run for my money.  I show up to play with those guys.

I had all week to think about tomorrow.  I've been extremely distracted lately, but tomorrow - I'm bring the one of me that doesn't play stupid.  If I lose tomorrow, it's because the other guys brought their A games.  I look forward to a table full of A games.  Stay tuned.

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  1. What ever part of Chris shows up I can only say this, you, yes I mean you, you are the MAN!!!! Go take the money and enjoy it!!! So says the ole man.